Sunday, February 28, 2010


Steam from a bowl of oatmeal rises,
dimming the party hat mountain.
The plunger falls in the dark waters,
settling on the murky grounds.
Something orange, something wrinkled,
something sprinkled, something soft.

I want to come around to your side,
kneel by your arm, offer myself.
This is my prayer, this is my sign
here at this table. Close by, the
apex of trees continues to climb,
The distance varies, the sun
crosses the room, searching.
The chunky bread is browning, there
Is a moist piece of sun on your lip,
butter is melting in the bowl,
and I hold your hair out
like a bolt of Egyptian cotton,
like a gift I can barely manage.

Everything is always rising and falling.
The temperature- not as steady
As one thinks: A cloud shadow, a
yellow wing, the wind, your breath, a fret.
Tiny separations that blink and blink
again, even as you finish that sentence,
that spoonful of raisins and oatmeal.


Anonymous said...

That is a hearty poem to start the day with. thanks, ron!

ron hardy said...

Thanks for stopping by Adam. Breakfast in the northern Georgia mountains. Then not now. I love your sight\site. Much to chew on. Everything but a wheelie and a tennis ball...