Thursday, July 22, 2010

meme o weis

Sarah Jane over at The Rain in my Purse tagged me to take on these memes. I thought hers were ridiculous, as they should be. I will shoulder on...

1) Is half a stone still a whole stone?
Laura Nyro liked to write about stones. Stone Soul Picnic and Stoney End. It is clear she believed stones have souls. So if the soul is just a hologram than it is clear the whole is contained in every part. Therefore, based on Laura Nyro's belief system, I would have to say yes to this question.

2) Do grains of sand get tired of being recycled into mountains?
Grains of sand are tired of a lot of things I think. Such as people trying to draw out some kind of competion between stars and the grains. Actually most grains of sand would like to position themselves into becoming mountains because there's a lot of rest inherent in that position. As opposed to all that slogging on the beach. Occasionally a bird's wing lightly grazes the mountain but that's just a so-called barometer for enlightenment.

3) If you crossed a bat with a mushroom would you get an umbrella?
No, this crossing is not a prescription for rainy weather. An umbrella is not needed.

4) Do the glasses one wears in a dream require a prescription?
Most glasses in dreams are cheap reading glasses off the spinner rack. Why? Most of us lack the navigation skills for lucid dreaming. Without lucidity we are prone to forgetting where our glasses are and sitting on them or stepping on them. This is costly. Drugstore glasses gives us one less thing to worry about. It 's hard enough not being able to see who's been chasing you for years.

5) What songs do they sing in a school without windows?
I only know of one song that is sung in these kinds of places. Gene Pitney's Town without Pity.

6) Do the daisies love us or not?
No they do not love us. Daises are sick to death of this so-called romantic amputation at their expense. Leveraging love by killing a flower is not funny.

7) Is there any reason to believe that we'll have working mouth parts in the next life?
No. I have believed for many years that ventriloquism is an evolutionary process and that eventually the binaural nose will come front and center as the new mouth.

8) What kind of cartilage connects us to the stars?
Most of us are already stars. Therefore cartilage is nothing more than congealed comet grease.


Kathleen said...

Love seeing your meme thing! Hey, you are in Akron? I have a bunch of relatives there, too! My folks just got back from their 60th high school reunion in Akron!

ron hardy said...

yeah, hey I'm in Akron. How small is that. Have lived here practically all my adult life. On the west side, A funky old neighborhood called Highland Square. Where did your folks go to school Kathleen? My e-mail is

SarahJane said...

Romantic amputation. I will commit it! At the spinner rack with a mushroom baseball bat.

Thanks for playing Ron. Good to see you stir.

ron hardy said...

a shroom bat and a puff ball. Thanks for inviting me Sarah. 'Days I feel like a hammock strung between indolence and dysfunction. You cut the knot at one end. Hey, where'd my party hat go. my