Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sweet Crude and the Ox-Moron

They say the great man always wears a parachute. And there is a story told, a desert legend, if you will, that Moammar Qaddafi supposedly said he would become like the sun when he had passed through the eye of a camel. This event would "seal his beauty and enshrine his deathless actions." But many Libyans realized he was confusing himself with a camel and the phrase from the Bible and Quaran concerning a camel passing through the eye of a needle. The kingdom. But the people had already been led to believe that the kingdom already existed in the mirror reflection of the great Gadhafi's aviator sunglasses. Quickly the camel story circulated through the country and oddly with that there was a sudden and extensive outbreak of eye infections amongst the camels. The great moist orbs began to dry up. The people saw this as a sign that Khadaffi had lost favor with the sun. Quickly Kadafi pitched billowing rose colored tents on the sands and held state. Moammar smiled. His teeth were not his. He looked off in profile. The country was in his lenses for all to see:
" I love it when you misspell my name."
"What is the correct spelling el-Khadafy?"
"It does not matter. I am a ox-moron!"
"My name is all names."
Then he turned toward us, his safari suit peeping through his purple robes.
"Listen. My death will not be of my own doing. Therefore I will become a martyr. "
"Even if it is in an auto accident, Colonel?"
"An illness, Al Gathafi".
A snake bite, Muamer?"
"Of course!"
His fate sealed, the great one mounted his kneeling, crusty-eyed animal and swayed off into the vanishing horizon.


Kathleen said...

My eyes hurt, and I am giggling in the bottom of my heart.

**pause to read today's code word**

I kid you not. My code word to comment at your blog today is "flart." (I know the definition of that word, but, fear not, I am not going to put it here.)

ron hardy said...

Flart. A combination of gas and batting eye lashes?

Kim said...

I'm sure the Kernel will die as the result of a trajik spellling axident. It will be payneful and hee willl definitily bee a mrtyr.

ron hardy said...

Yes, Kim, el-gaddfly's life will meet the definition of trajidy. A man who fell from a high place and died when his chute didn't open.

SarahJane said...

Even if he takes his money and seeks refuge alive among the living Congo sartyrs, he will die laughing himself a monkey.