Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Entourage

They moved through sepia
thoughtless, but thoughtful
enough to regard each other.
The brown world was like gravy,
a reminder of the taste
of something good.
Out ahead of them the
black and whiteness
moved toward them.
Overhead, sound moved
silently, encrypted.
They had begun to
receive the invisible.
The Entourage confessed to no one
in particular, they did not care
how this was happening.
Desire spread, inflamed by color.
Investigations were made.
They would get back to everyone.
Still it came on, looking more
and more like the surface of water,
the turbulence making sense.

I was washing the windows
when I noticed the tiniest of
dry insects caught in the screens.
Across the room was another screen.
The Entourage moved across it
In the lead she carried
a rhinestone briefcase.


Kathleen said...

I love it. And now I sort of want a rhinestone briefcase, even though I probably shouldn't. Want that.

If I have started to receive the invisible, I wouldn't have anything to put in it, anyhoo.

Oh, my prove-you're-not-a-robot words provide the local answers, as "locod ansibers." Yes, yes, it's happening.

ron hardy said...

Thanks Kathleen. I wonder what is in that briefcase. The bot-words are beginning to worry me because they are becoming more and more illegible.