Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Alteration

Self-regulation is widespread.
But there is no exemption for
what happens when we notice it.
Consciousness is a soft thumb,
the subtlest of pressures, that
alters everything; no thing is
not touched by this tiny bushwack.
Now the word on the street is

In town a local deli is connected to a
small bar.  I remember the two spaces
as a tailor shop. One touch remains as
a reminder. Over the doorway that connects
the bar to the deli is a sign that reads:
"Alterations within."

In a local dream someone showed me
a photograph of the moment when
sleep finally connected to wakefulness.
As from a newsreel a voice said it was
the greatest achievement in our history.
The photo showed two pieces of half-eaten
fruit. "What's this?" I heard myself say.
"You just missed the two parrots," said the voice.

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Kathleen said...

Amazing! Yes!