Sunday, July 08, 2012

Water Hazard

The view screen seems to supply the ground 
for a ball that hangs there much too long.

Somewhere in a fairway, collar up,
you look up, check the distance while
forgetting where you are standing.
There are no bridges over hazards,
only the determination to project
a vision that when acted out
will produce clearance.

Extraneous factors,
like the wind, 
a song in a tree, or
like the tree itself,
where the song softly
rains down on you,
can go unnoticed if you
keep your head down
and follow through.
You are in a moment
of your own making,
aren't you?
But once you strike,
once you set it in
motion, hands unimagined
come into play.
The flight will be
predictable, and
possibly not true.

There is a pause,
right there where
you are watching.
Ahead in the distance
lies the embedded
dark pool of water.
Do you remember?
You created it
for yourself.


Kathleen said...

Somehow this wraps a time-loop around my head. Also, I could never pass up "a song in a tree." I think that's why I cannot be a golfer, whether in real life or metaphor.

ron hardy said...

I guess loopy is better than a hook or a slice.