Thursday, September 20, 2012

from Vermeer

"Passing through walls hurts human beings, they get sick from
but we have no choice.
It’s all one world. Now to the walls.
The walls are a part of you.
One either knows that, or one doesn’t; but it’s the same for
except for small children. There aren’t any walls for them.

The airy sky has taken its place leaning against the wall.
It is like a prayer to what is empty.
And what is empty turns its face to us
and whispers:
“I am not empty, I am open."
Tomas Tranströmer, from “Vermeer”, translated by Robert Bly

I love Transtromer. Lifted from a blog 

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Kathleen said...

Thanks, I needed that! (And had, by coincidence, been reading some other Bly translations...of Rumi!!)