Thursday, February 05, 2015

An Appreciation of the Sun

The sun looks for me.
It is undaunted in the
Way it searches. 
Not the naked dirty elm
Nor the highest floor
Will stand in it's way.

It sketches the winter lilac
On the house. 
The dog's doppelg√§nger 
runs across the wall
Like vanishing Charcoal. 

Inexpensive zircon
sparkles in the snow. 
Glint of tiny prisms. 

The word welcome
Comes to mind. 
It floats from my mouth. 
A small enough cloud. 

The sun climbs on me
Looking into my eyes. 
dressing me in 
Whatever's available.
Out of the blue,
The mysterious blue,
It buttons each button. 

I celebrate mid-morning. 
Such a wardrobe. 
Such an ever-light necessity.

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